In Memoriam

In honor of Veteran’s Day, here is a post from earlier this year about my grandfather, who served in World War II.



My grandfather, Joe Conway, landed at Normandy beach in the hours just after the D-day invasion began.  Upon arriving he gathered with his unit, got his gear together, and headed inland.  He would fight in France, Belgium and Germany.  He was wounded and received the Purple Heart.  But he never talked about it.

While I grew up knowing he had served in World War II, he didn’t discuss it.  Oh, he would tell you about basic training, friends he made, and even his time in the hospital in France.  But about the war itself, he just didn’t have a word to say.

Until the very end of his life.

In the last few weeks before he died he began to share stories and memories.  He looked through books and told tales of people and places he had never mentioned before.

The story I remember best was about his boots.  He said that…

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